Welcome to Singschool

Sing School works with students from a multitude of disciplines to achieve the same goal:

Great Vocals.

At Sing School we believe that with the right coaching everyone has the same potential to do great things with their voice and we welcome students of all ages and abilities. We offer three different types of classes Group, Duo and Solo. Our Group lessons are the most popular and beginner recommended  where you will be placed with students of a similar ability and age and there will never be more than four students to a class. Our Duo class is the second option with just two students per class and our third lesson option are solo/individual lessons where you get one on one time with our qualified tutor.

Instruments Course:

Piano/Keyboard / Guitar / Music theory lessons


Our Classes are run from Belmont during school term dates

Term 1  Tuesday  9 February- Friday 15 April

Term 2  Monday 2 May -Friday 8 July

Term 3  Monday 25 July -Friday 23 September

Term 4  Monday 10 October -Friday 16  December


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